Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter Break - Slovenia

Over Easter break, I had the opportunity to travel to Slovenia. This was the last country that I really wanted to visit before returning home. I had wanted to visit here because I had seen photos of friends who had visited and the country looked like a place I would like to see.

Our first sight was Ljubljana, the capital city. The city is remarkably small for being the capital. The city has just over 200,000 people. The first evening we were there, we just walked around the city, which did not take long as it has a small old town. Then we enjoyed a dinner at a local restaurant. My roommate Carsten, whom I was traveling with, said I had to try the horse steak. The meat was extremely lean. I enjoyed having that horse, but I don't know if I would have it again.

The next day, we took a tour of the city, which turned out to be a very private tour of the city because it was only us and the guide. I especially enjoyed our guide because he would break off into tangents while telling a story to tell another story or to make a mental note out loud. The tour guide took us through the city and up to the castle.

In the afternoon, we left for Bled, a pseudo-resort town build around a lake. I appreciated our time in Bled because we were able to relax. The town has two attractions: a boat ride to a church on an island and a castle overlooking the town. The highlight of Bled was walking back from dinner and singing songs together. While we were singing, a lady approached us, and we thought she would tell us to stop singing. But then she joined us and began singing an easy Slovenian song that we could sing with her. She belted the song quite loudly.

I am satisfied to have seen Slovenia. In Slovenia, many of the tourist shops have shirts that say, "sLOVEnia", and I can say that I felt the love in this country. I would be pleased to travel there again.